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Relieve muscular tension

Osteopathic treatment can take many forms and will be dependant on your age, fitness and diagnoses. Before you receive treatment, you and your osteopath will jointly decide an appropriate treatment plan. Osteopaths use a range of gentle hands on techniques or manual therapy with the aim of releasing areas of tension, congestion or areas of lower vitality. These techniques will include more active stretching and articulation and also very quiet still approaches.

  • Sciatica

  • Sports injuries

  • Back and spinal pain

  • Posture related pain

  • Trapped nerves

  • Joint and muscles pain

What we treat

Osteopathy has built a reputation for being effective in treating many conditions as well as many pain states. Your osteopath will work with you to achieve your full potential recovery or in whatever pursuit you wish to achieve. Many patients find that once free of pain, they continue to experience benefit and progress with treatment from time.

Stay calm and relaxed

Osteopathy works on your body's natural healing system by making it more effective. It can help treat the causes of the pain and not just the symptoms. Once you choose osteopathy, we aim to stop the recurrence of pain. Muscular tension may be caused by emotional stress and osteopathy helps a great deal with stress management and stress relief.

Why choose osteopathy?

Helping the whole person return to health

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