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We realise how special your child is to you. Our osteopaths will sit with you in order to learn more about your child's history before starting any treatment.


We also offer osteopathy during pregnancy.

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Birth is one of the most joyful yet stressful events in our lives. Babies accumulate certain tensions in their body following birth, especially following forced or delayed birth. As a result of issues with a baby's digestive system or sleeping posture, they can often take time to get comfortable. If this sounds familiar, Piers Chandler Osteopaths offers gentle and safe child osteopathic services suitable for infants. Why not give us a ring to see how we can help?  

Each child is unique

If your child doesn't stop crying naturally there may be an underlying problem not yet diagnosed. At Piers Chandler Osteopaths, we identify the origin of your child's tension and treat the route cause.

Infant tension

Protect your child from day one

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