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You will need to bring with you the results from any tests or xrays you may have had and details of your medical history. The initial consultation will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

What happens on my first consultation?

Frequently asked questions

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Will I be required to undress?

If it is necessary to ask you to undress to your underwear, you will be offered a gown and to change in private. It helps if you can come to a consultation wearing loose clothing.

How long does a course of treatment last?

This depends on the nature of the treatment required. At the initial consultation your osteopath will formulate a treatment plan and discuss it with you. You will not be asked to commit yourself to a lengthy course of treatment.

What happens if I react adversely to a treatment?

This may sometimes occuer as the tissues resolve strain patterns. Your individual case will be discussed with you about any any possible reactions following treatment, and the steps to take. You will be able to be in contact with us between any appointment.

Do I need to be referred by doctor?

You do not need to consult your GP before you visit an osteopath although you may wish to do so and the osteopath will work with you and your GP if you wish that contact to be made.