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I came to Osteopathy through personal experience of a spinal injury. Instead of taking the surgical option I tried other approaches including osteopathy, and my recovery began. This became a life changing event and sparked a life-long interest in something we take for granted, our body.


I graduated from the European School of Osteopathy after the four year training in 1982.


I have worked in a variety of settings including a health centre and GP practise and enjoy collaborating with other professionals which is essential in getting the best result for patients.


It is also necessary and stimulating to continue ones self development as a practitioner, and this includes a teaching element, both undergraduate and postgraduate in the uk and Europe.


We all try to find a balance of work and play which is not always straightforward, so I take my recreation time seriously! This includes volunteering with an archaeological group and outreach to school children.


Looking at the past through what remains often includes skeletal material right back to our human origins which for me adds a fascinating perspective to our place today.


Experience has shown me that an old adage is so true it is the small things that are the big things in osteopathy. This is well illustrated in infants and children, where detecting through trained palpation , strain patterns or restrictions in tissues can have large effects on a maturing system. Similarly , in adults, accumulated patterns often regarded as no longer relevant are having their effect in the presenting complaint.


This detective work makes every patient unique and there are no standard treatments. I work with the client to fully understand the issue before recommending the most appropriate treatment..


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